Continuing the Conversation

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Continuing the Conversation

A space to meet, exchange ideas, and advance together as Braver Angels.

Keeping the spirit alive

You’ve touched on compelling topics with new acquaintances. You want to stay in touch, dig deeper, pose questions, trade ideas — to connect across political and social divides. Here you can continue the spirit from Braver Angels workshops and meetings after events conclude.

Our forums

In Continuing the Conversation, you maintain a dialog with your workshop group, meet other members, join forum discussions, and grow your Braver Angels skills. Through topic-based forums you discuss issues, exchange viewpoints and introduce new information. You enjoy books, movies, and the occasional social Zoom gathering. Red + Blue moderation ensures all viewpoints are respected.

Getting Started

Are you ready to Continue the Conversation? Learn how to get the most from our community by clicking the Getting Started button right here:

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